Happy Friends - 'Iiyus Siiye'yu was created using the same research-based principals as other popular Music & Movement programs. It also meets many of the "CORE COMPETENCIES" set out in the guidelines for standards of practice for the British Columbia Ministry of Education (THINKING, COMMUNICATION, PERSONAL & SOCIAL). There are many benefits of Music & Movement programs, including fine and gross motor skill development, spatial awareness, focused listening, and more.

For more resource pages like this, please go to our FaceBook page. All resource pages/lesson ideas are listed there in the comments section under each posted video. Resource pages will be added regularly.

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Sample from Resource Guide

Sample Posters

Posters are helpful for teachers


to have hanging on their wall


while teaching the songs. They


provide lyrics, the song title, cd#


track # and visual cues


for quick reference. This poster


goes with the same song as


what the above Resource Guide


example is of.

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