Happy Friends - 'Iiyus Siiye'yu was created using the same research-based principals as other popular Music & Movement programs. It also meets many of the "CORE COMPETENCIES" set out in the guidelines for standards of practice for the British Columbia Ministry of Education (THINKING, COMMUNICATION, PERSONAL & SOCIAL). There are many benefits of Music & Movement programs, including fine and gross motor skill development, spatial awareness, focused listening, and more.

Resource Guide pages can be found on this page by scrolling down, in addition, please visit our FaceBook page. Some Resource Guide pages/lesson ideas are also listed there in the comments section under each posted video. Click on the Facebook icon for the link to our FaceBook Page. 

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Sample Posters

In addition to our Resource


Guide with lesson ideas, we


have created posters. Posters


are helpful for teachers


to have hanging on their wall


while teaching the songs. They


provide lyrics, the song title, cd#


track # and visual cues


for quick reference.  If you are a


teacher with School District 79


Cowichan, these posters are


available in their


resource centre. Alternatively,


you can create your own


posters by simply writing down


the lyrics (provided on the


resource pages below) on


poster paper.


(This page is under construction - resource pages will continually be added)


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